HEYWOOD BANKS from Michigan wins the Clean Comedy Challenge Nashville 2018 at The Third Coast Comedy Club, Nashville, TN.

Leslie Norris Townsend, producer/COMIC brought, The Clean Comedy Challenge in it’s 9 year of challenging all Comics to work Funny and Clean to Nashville Tenn. She had over 100 submissions and 15 were selective to compete. Other top 4 included  Lee Hardin, TN. Brian Kohatsu, AZ.,Mike James, AZ., and People’s choice, Christy Conder, TN.

The Competitors came from all over and participated in 3 days of a Comedy Bootcamp and Contest !! 

Past years of the Clean Comedy Challenge Competition have been held in Pasadena, Ca. at the world famous Ice House and other venues included are ANDERSON Ind. Hoosier CASINO, Lima Ohio, Senoia Ga, St. Petersburg’s Coconuts Club, FL.

This year there are 2 more upcoming competitions coming to Chicago’s Comedy Shrine on July 19-21 with veteran Judges like Rocky Laporte and Dobie Maxwell and Carson City Nugget Casino NEVADA on Aug 9-11 with Joe Piscopo and Geechy Guy judging along with shows creator, Leslie Norris Townsend.