2017 CCC Winner Joe Dungan

2017 Pasadena Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Joe Dungan

Shown here from left to right back row: Finalist Anji Stubbs, Bruce Smith of Omnipop, Finalist Katsy Chappell, Finalist Josh Novey. Front Row left to right: Celebrity Performer Erica Rhodes, and Winner Joe Dungan.

2017 Chicago CCC Group

2017 Chicago Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Steve Smargon

Shown with trophy, winner Steve Smargon. Next to him on the left is creator of the challenge Leslie Norris Townsend and to her left, finalist Sally Baucke. Between the winner and Leslie is finalist Shawn Reynolds, and next to the winner on the right is finalist Jeffrey Donaldson.

2016 CCC Winner Todd Justice

2016 Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Todd Justice

2015 CCC Winner Mike Paramore

2015 Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Mike Paramore

2014 CCC Winner William Woody

2014 Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: William Woody

2013 CCC Winner Charlene Mae

2013 Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Charlene Mae

Winner: Charlene Mae 
Finalists: C.J. Harlow from Kentucky, John Floyd from North Carolina, Charlene Mae from Georgia and Andy Beningo from Michigan.

2012 CCC Winner Marty Simpson

2012 Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Marty Simpson

Winner: Marty Simpson – See Clean Comedian Marty Simpson’s website.
Finalists: Charlene Mae, Jody Fuller (New-Comer of the Year), and Dan Brown
Celebrity Judges: Dennis Regan, Leslie Norris Townsend, Bobby Kelton, Suzanne Bartels, Joby Saad
Also shown in the back, 2011 Winner, Clayburn Cox.

2011 CCC Winner Clayburn Cox

2011 Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Clayburn Cox

Holding trophy, winner Clayburn Cox. On the left, C.J. Harlowe and on the right, Joe Bryan.

2010 CCC Winner Jonnie W

2010 Clean Comedy Challenge Winner: Jonnie W.

From left to right: Leslie Townsend, Michelle Krajecki, White Chocolate, Jonnie W. (WINNER) Clayburn Cox (runner up), Joby Saad