With over 30 years of experience, Tim Grable is a veteran of the Speaker’s Bureau and Entertainment Agency industry. With a vast range of experience including concert promoter, marketing, merchandise development, career management, and development, agent (speaker, literary, entertainment, commercial and film), it is hard to find a side of the business he has not worked.

In addition to his continuously active contribution to the Grable Group Blog, Tim is a regular writer on a copious amount of other writing networks including, but not limited to: a regular Celebrity Access Column and the GoDaddy Blog as well as running his YouTube Channel.

Tim created and spearheaded several organizations including founding The Nashville Speakers Bureau, an event services agency whose success was recognized with a Music City Future 50 award. He also guided The Nashville Group in providing an invaluable network of entertainment resources for aspiring talent. He assumed the role of President of Nashville Agency, solidifying his reputation as an honest and capable leader with the experience and resources to deliver his vision of small-town feeling with very big results. He has an unmatched eye for career development, profit building and is an expert closer, consistently meeting expectations and enhancing future relationships.

Tim Grable

Tim Grable founded The Grable Group, an organization dedicated to bringing agency representation back to its roots as a service focused on personal development and mutual benefit. His philosophy, which revolves around retaining a select group of comedians, entertainers, unique variety acts, talent and personally nurturing their careers, has successfully proven the viability of an ethical and genuine approach to vocational development. Tim utilizes a comprehensive background in business and entertainment sectors to locate and develop endorsements, licensing, and film and TV resources.